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Laksamana College of Business Graduation 2016 The music club is lively and active - Tuesday afternoons Students using the first class LCB library facilities

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LCB   equips   students   with   21st Century   skills,   critical   thinking skills,   global   perspective,   and respect   for   core   Brunei   values of    honesty,    integrity,    loyalty, and compassion. We   are   now   open   for the February 2017 New Intakes.

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2016 Bachelor of Business Studies graduate
Nurul Iqamaidahtul Haji Muamad 2016 Bachelor of Business Studies graduate.
2016 Business Studies Student 2016 Computing and Systems Development student
“I enjoy Laksamana College very much because it is a friendly and supportive environment.  I was so happy to graduate this year!  My experience at Laksamana has inspired me to go on with further study. “
“I was worried about being able to study at a high level, but after a short time I found that I was able to do very well because my teachers at Laksmana were very friendly and helpful.  I will now graduate this year “
“I am an HND student studying in the IT department. I am enjoying learning about server management and networking.  I have learned a lot and I think that what I learn at Laksamana will be very good for my future“
 Nor Emie Amalina Hj Alias 2016 Business Studies Student  
Muhammad Arif Hepnie 2016 Computing and Systems Development student


Graduation 2016

New Tourist Guide Programme

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IELTS (LCB & CfBT Education Services (B) Sdn Bhd)
IELTS (LCB & CfBT Education Services (B) Sdn Bhd)
LAKSAMANA    College    of    Business    is    working with    Alliance     Francaise     De     Brunei     to     help students   increase   their   value   in   the   local   and international job market.
Laksamana  College of Business
Roof Top, Plaza Abdul Razak, Jalan Laksamana Abdul Razak, Km2 Jalan Tutong, Bandar Seri Begawan BA 1712, Negara Brunei Darussalam. E-mail: Phone: +673 223 8816 / 18     
A    fantastic    graduation    day    was    held    this    year.      There   were   two   ceremonies,   one   in   the   morning and   one   in   the   afternoon   (the   college   is   growing!) Congratulations to the new graduates!
An    exciting    new    tourism    programme    has    just started    classes.        The    tourist    guide    courses    are designed   to   help   tour   guides   to   be   familiar   with tools   that   they   can   use   to   be   more   successful   in their business. Contact    us    to    find    out    more    about    this    new programme.
LCB   has   an   exciting   array   of   clubs   that   you   can join.      Be,   proactive,   be   involved,   pick   a   club   to learn new things and make new friends!  Just   ask   us   at   the   receptions   for   more   details about the Clubs.
Laksamana    College    of    Business    and    CfBT    are    working    as    partners    to    offer    the    most    cost-effective    integrated    IELTS preparation and certification package in Brunei. CfBT   are   a   leading   provider   of   education   provision   globally,   and   have   over   thirty   years   of   training   experience   in   personal, business   and   government   sectors   in   Brunei   and   the   wider   ASEAN   region.   The   Training   and   Learning   Centre   (TLC)   at   CfBT has a proven track record in delivering training and each year, is proud to improve the English level of over 100 individuals. IELTS    (International    English    Language    Testing    System)    is    the    world’s    most    popular    English    language    test.    Last    year, over   2.5   million   IELTS   tests   were   taken   globally.   Taking   IELTS   opens   doors   –   it   can   help   you   live,   study   and   work   around   the world.    More    than    9,000    organisations    worldwide    accept    IELTS,    including    government    bodies,    employers    and    academic institutions.
Partnership  of Abdul Razak Holdings & Kensington College of Business, London
Kensington College of Business
A collaboration between Brunei Tourism Development Department (Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism) and Laksamana College of Business
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