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 Welcome aboard the LCB Family! 

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Message from
Deputy Principal,
Mr Siva

Warm greetings to you all.

Welcome on board to our family and also welcome to your first semester! I would like to congratulate you on being a part of Laksamana College of Business and to wish you all the best for your new academic journey with us. 

To settle smoothly into your college transition and be ready to take on your very first semester with us, we have prepared for you all some important information and steps to help you be well acquainted to what being an LCB student is like prior to attending your first class. 

Kindly read on below...


First thing first, here is what you need to know...

Setting up your LCB Student Email

Activating your Moodle Account

Registering for your fingerprint ID for class attendance 

Getting your ART Kits and ART Result Card 

Getting the right class timetable 

Paying for your Student ID Card

Familiarise yourself with LCB Announcement on Microsoft Teams

All new students are required to set up their LCB Student Email. Aside from sending and receiving emails, your email account is necessary for access into all of your other Microsoft Services, Moodle and eLibrary. Head to the Library reception or you can email them at to send you your Student log-in credentials.

Moodle is the online learning platform for you to access all your learning resources. You can find your lecture slides, reading materials, helpful links, seminars exercises on Moodle. It is also where you will submit your assignments through Turnitin. Timetables and announcements will also be posted on your Moodle Home page. To get your Moodle log-in access, again, head to the Library reception or you can email them at for it. 

Probably the only college you know that does this, but this is how we will be taking your attendance. Each and every one of our students will have a registered fingerprint to gain access into the main door and also to scan for their attendance. Every student will be required to scan in when they enter their class and scan out when class ends. With this technology, there will be no mistake when generating your attendance report. Parents are also able to get access into seeing what time their child enters and exits class. Link to student's attendance system can be found here:

If you have not done so, kindly head to Level 3 Reception and ask for IT Support to register for your fingerprint.

Practicing COVID-19 prevention measures has been a norm for all of us the past few years. Based on MOE's guidelines, all students are required to do their ART 3 times a week. It is essential for all students to comply to the ART Procedure before coming to classes. New students are to collect their weekly ART Kits and ART Result Card from Level 3 Reception (Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 9.00pmbefore starting their semester

Please read on the ART Procedure here: LCB ART INFO 2022.

Don't want to be lost and confused on where your class will be your first day, now do we? Get your timetable from any receptionscounters at the college or access them from LCB Announcement Group on Microsoft Teams or Moodle (you will need to have your LCB Student Email and Moodle already activated). 

Every student needs their Student ID Card. Aside of it being an official form of documentation to prove your student identification, you will use your student ID card to borrow books from the Library. Students are also expected to present their student ID cards for exams and will not be allowed to sit for their exams without it. To issue your Student ID Card, kindly head to the Rooftop Reception and make payment of BND $25.00. Students are to keep their receipts and present them to the Level 3 Reception upon collection. Students will be notified via receiving a SMS when their card is ready collection. 

Want to stay in-the-know and keep yourself updated with any news and announcements from LCB? The LCB Announcement Group on Microsoft Teams is the one platform where all essential information is shared to all of our students. We urge our students to keep your MS Teams notification ON and to always watch the space so that you won't miss out on any college updates. If you are not already added in the group, kindly head to Level 3 Reception to let us know. Click here to access LCB Announcement on MS Teams.

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