Training &

Empowering Student Development: LCB’s Training and Development Programmes

Laksamana College is dedicated to ensuring that all staff members have access to training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and capabilities. The college understands that the commitment and capability of its employees are crucial to achieving its goals and maintaining efficiency. LCB aims to cultivate an organizational culture where all staff members are committed to continuous improvement and view personal and professional development as key to achieving success.


Promoting entrepreneurship, the college created the centre which primarily focuses on mentoring, incubation, and advisory support to aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups. Interested to join our programme? Email our mentors at

Continuous Personal
Development (CPD)

LCB encourages and supports working individuals to engage in CPD, as its essential in helping organisations upskill their employees to be equipped with up-to-date information and learn new skills. The college offers evening classes to fit in your working schedules!


LCB students benefits from a variety of educational and skill-building activities such as classroom instruction, workshops, internships, and on-the-job training. These activities from T&D provide students with the knowledge and skills specific to a field or industry, as well as general employability skills.

& Internship

Taking up a job or internship can be an excellent way for students to gain valuable experience, develop new skills, and build their professional networks. Find out more on what opportunities are available for you at our Career Development Board at Level 3.

Work Readiness Programme

The annual programme is open to participants from LCB. The programme will run over a few days and will cover topics on resume/CV writing, building cover letters, interview skills and self-marketing.

Career Opportunities

Interested in joining the LCB along with our dedicated team of educators and admin staff? Email your CV to