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2 Weeks

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Laksamana College of Business

Course Overview

The Basic Tourist Guide course, exclusively conducted at LCB offers individuals an immersive journey into the world of tourism, enabling them to become proficient tourist guides. Here are the course highlights:

  • Exploring Brunei’s Rich History and Geography: Participants will delve deep into the captivating history and breathtaking geography of Brunei, acquiring invaluable insights into the cultural, historical, and natural treasures of this beautiful nation.
  • Tourism Industry in Brunei: A comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry in Brunei, including its trends, challenges, and opportunities, is provided to keep students updated with the latest developments and provide tourists with the best experience.
  • Exploring Tourist Attractions: Participants will become experts in showcasing both hidden gems and iconic landmarks that make Brunei a unique tourist destination, allowing them to passionately and knowledgeably introduce these attractions to tourists.
  • First Aid Training: Safety is prioritized with the inclusion of first aid training, ensuring that students are prepared to respond effectively to emergencies and prioritize the well-being of their tourists.
  • Field Trips: The programme provides opportunities for hands-on learning through exciting field trips, including a journey to Ulu Temburong, a pristine rainforest paradise, and Tutong tourist attraction areas. These experiences prepare students for real-world guiding scenarios.
  • Going beyond the basics, this course covers various facets of tourist guiding, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped for successful careers in the tourism industry.

Upon completion of this programme, students will emerge as knowledgeable and confident tourist guides, poised to share the beauty and charm of Brunei with visitors from around the world. Prospective participants are encouraged to enroll at LCB to embark on their journey towards becoming trusted ambassadors of Brunei’s wonders. This programme offers a solid foundation for a fulfilling and exciting career as a tourist guide.

Basic Tourist Guide Course

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