Kim Gahyeon  File:Flag of South Korea.svg

KCB Higher Diploma in Airline Hospitality Business

Studying as an Airline Hospitality Business student at LCB was a fruitful experience beyond my expectations. The college not only helped me acquire skills and knowledge in the airline hospitality field, but also developed communication skills. Communicating with lecturers and friends with diverse cultural backgrounds would be an essential experience for my future career. The various activities with peers I met through the LCB Student Council was a very meaningful experience and improved my teamwork skills. The internship program at Royal Brunei Airlines provides the same level of training as an employee in real airline working environment. The superb lecturers at LCB helped me gain knowledge and unlock my potential.

Amal Azimatul Filzah Binti Haji Mohammad Daud  File:Flag of Brunei.svg

First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance
I embarked on a journey to cultivate my self-motivation by actively engaging in lectures. Witnessing the unwavering dedication of my exceptional educators, who went above and beyond to ensure our comprehension and engagement, proved truly inspiring. Their support was invaluable. Furthermore, observing my peers thrive as they embraced effective study strategies within the remarkable LCB learning environment imparted a contagious positivity that has significantly contributed to shaping the person I am today.

Sandesh Gurung  File:Flag of nepal.svg

KCB Higher Diploma in Business Management
Studying in Laksamana was really the best decision I’ve made. The lecturers aren’t only helpful; they’re highly experienced in the subject that they are teaching and they are constantly sharing their knowledge among the students. The college itself is excellent in terms of facilities, friendly admin staff members and a wonderful student council who regularly organise events and CCAs for the students to take part in. It really is student friendly with support from lecturers and friends available anytime as well. Laksamana truly lives up to its name by delivering top quality British education to the students.

Disha Narayan  File:Flag of India.svg

First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance
LCB isn’t just a place of learning; it’s a home where dreams are nurtured and futures are shaped. From the moment I walked through LCB’s doors, I felt welcomed into a community that thrives on excellence and innovation. The faculty’s commitment to education goes beyond the textbook, fostering a deep understanding of the subjects and nurturing critical thinking. Their guidance has not only enriched my academic journey but also ignited a passion for lifelong learning. Moreover, the camaraderie among students creates an atmosphere of collaboration rather than competition. From study groups to extracurricular activities, I’ve formed connections that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. As I stand at the threshold of a new chapter, I am grateful for the foundation LCB has provided. At LCB, I’ve experienced more than an education; I’ve undergone a metamorphosis.

Sanisha Subba  File:Flag of nepal.svg

Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality
My experience in Laksamana was delightful as the lecturers are really accommodating. I really appreciate the supportive lecturers here in, as they are willing to help you, even if it means they must stay extra hours. Other than Laksamana having a supportive faculty, I also enjoyed every subject that my courses had to offer, especially practical/ hands-on activities. I am so grateful for Laksamana college to be offering such significant experience in my course as that has made me and my fellow peers learn and discover a lot of new interesting and knowledgable things! It boosted my confidence as I learnt how to confront challenges.

Alyssa Thieng  File:Flag of Malaysia.svg

City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts & Supervision
The journey as a culinary arts student has been remarkable, thanks to City and Guilds’ exceptional learning modules. LCB’s engaging learning environment, dedicated lectures, and the great camaraderie among peers have helped the challenging Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts and Supervision be more manageable. The transition from a diploma to advanced diploma in culinary arts would also indicate a greater demand of skills and understanding but thankfully, I have managed to exceed my own expectations and achieved a greater proficiency in culinary arts. Being confident in my capabilities, I am now eager to participate in the culinary industry, believing that through the journey with LCB, I am equipped to conquer challenges.

Adelle Ruth Tiongson Lim  File:Flag of South Korea.svg

KCB Higher Diploma in Business Management
My experience in LCB as a Business student were beyond my expectations. The college never failed to continuously help me enchance my skills and knowledge in the business field. LCB taught me that the best source of knowledge is through experience because those experiences taught me a lesson. They made me realize how valuable it is to take initiative and be proactive to create opportunities for myself. There’s no doubt that LCB has made this chapter of my life memorable and unforgettable.

Abdul Muizz Bin Haji Umar  File:Flag of Brunei.svg

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Information Technology
To have the privilege of studying at one of the best college here in Brunei is truly a blessing. I am forever grateful to have studied and gained knowledge under the wings of the lecturers here in LCB who are very supportive and helpful. They have molded me to become a better person and employee by enlightening and introducing me to a variety of methods and knowledge which I can implement in my job environment.

Muhammad Amiirul Hamizan Bin Haji Alimarjafri  File:Flag of Brunei.svg

First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Computer Science
LCB stands as an exceptional institution, offering a welcoming environment that was particularly evident during my four-year tenure on the Student Council. Reflecting on my journey within LCB, I am profoundly grateful to the dedicated lecturers. Their invaluable advice, unwavering guidance, and steadfast support have been instrumental in nurturing my self-assurance. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to LCB for affording me the privilege of being part of this transformative chapter in my life. These remarkable five and a half years have truly been an amazing journey.