Kong Xiang Yun

Recipient of recipient of 1st Class Honors in BSc in Computer Science (LCB Scholarship Student)

When I first enrolled in LCB over 4 years ago, HND was the highest qualification I thought I could hope to obtain. Now, I am filled with a sense of wonder and satisfaction when I consider how I have come to be the holder of a 1st Class Bachelor’s Degree, one from an accredited UK university no less. For the attainment of this accolade, I credit many quarters: LCB’s fostering of local and international partners that enabled them to offer British degrees on-campus; the availability of full scholarships for promising HND graduates, for it was one such scholarship that provided me with the means of pursuing education beyond HND level; my lecturers for their support and guidance; the pleasant learning environment and excellent facilities. To all the juniors and future students who come after me, I wish the best and hope that they meet with academic success as well.

Amal Azimatul Filzah Binti Haji Mohammad Daud

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

I started building up my own self-motivation through attending the lectures, watching how determined my superb lecturers were in teaching and making sure we were not lost in class. Indeed, they were very supportive! In addition, seeing my peers enjoying and studying smart in great environment in LCB gave me the perfect vibe that led me to be who I am right now. To me, choosing the right circle is another key to my success. When you choose the correct circle, you will be surprised to what you can achieve. I believe, you will get your way to what you want to be. Set your goals, stay consistent, be determined and do not give up. Without cries and laughter, there will be no success, they are just part of it. Every progress matter and quitting is not an option. Thank you LCB for this wonderful journey. Forever, I love LCB.

Chin Ting Wei

Best Student for Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing (Software Engineering)

Having only studied in Laksamana forge of business for only two years, I can say that the two years were one of the best experiences I had. Entering the school I was already met with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, The lecturers are easily approachable and helpful, they helped shaped me into the individual that I am today. I would have never seen myself achieving such a honorary award if it wasn’t for the lecturers that are incredibly patient despite my shortcomings. Back then I wouldn’t care much about my work until three lecturers pushed me to. Personally I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Miss Daniela, Miss Natasha and Mr. Helmee. All three lecturers helped pushed me to achieve excellence without compromising the quality of my work.

Kim Gahyeon

Airline Hospitality Business Graduate, Class of 2022

Studying as an Airline Hospitality Business student at LCB was a fruitful experience beyond my expectations. The college not only helped me acquire skills and knowledge in the airline hospitality field, but also developed communication skills. Communicating with lecturers and friends with diverse cultural backgrounds would be an essential experience for my future career. The various activities with peers I met through the LCB Student Council was a very meaningful experience and improved my teamwork skills. The internship program at Royal Brunei Airlines provides the same level of training as an employee in real airline working environment. I think it is valuable opportunity that people hardly experience it. Currently, I chose Essex degree in business to achieve my academic goals and discovered the strength of a structured curriculum. The superb lecturers at LCB helped me gain knowledge and unlock my potential. Thank you LCB for guiding and providing me with a good platform for my future.

Sandesh Gurung

Best Student for KCB Higher Diploma

Studying in Laksamana was really the best decision I’ve made. The lecturers aren’t only helpful; they’re highly experienced in the subject that they are teaching and they are constantly sharing their knowledge among the students. The college itself is excellent in terms of facilities, friendly admin staff members and a wonderful student council who regularly organise events and CCAs for the students to take part in. It really is student friendly with support from lecturers and friends available anytime as well. Laksamana truly lives up to its name by delivering top quality British education to the students.

Ivy Wong Ker Hsing

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

Journey worth cherishing,
Milestone worth achieving,
And a Memory worth reliving.
Never would I be able to stand at where I am today without going through this journey in LCB. A heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported me unconditionally. There is hope through the hard times whenever I look back to this wonderful journey that taught me to be a stronger being. I wish that you will also go through such a journey like what I did.