To speak to someone about your concerns, you may visit the counselling room on the second floor of the college from:

Monday 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM, or

Wednesday 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM


To enquire about specific availability for any given day and to book an appointment, please email the counselling services directly.


Initial appointments will be 20-30 minutes long to discuss your needs. You can then make further appointments of up to 50 minutes as appropriate.​

(Office: Level 2, Counselling Unit)


We provide friendly and helpful support and advice to LCB students and staffs in the following areas:


Moodle account access, printing and scanning, connecting to WiFi, and software provision.

(Office: Roof Top Staff Room)


The College offers various financial flexibility, depending on your circumstances - In case of any enquiries regarding tuition fees, scholarship or others, it's definitely worth getting in touch with us at the Rooftop reception or the finance office.


Monday to Thursday

8.30 AM - 4.30 PM


8.30 AM - 11.00 AM

2.00 PM - 4.30 PM

(Office: Roof Top Finance Office)

Being away from your family and home country can be difficult, especially for the first timer. 


Do not hesitate to seek for assistance over at the Level 3 Reception for International Students enquiries.

(Office: Level 3 Reception)


The college's student council is a group of elected and volunteer students working together to achieve the college's goals and execute its values. The Student Council is focused on giving students an opportunity to enhance and develop leadership by organizing and performing activities and service projects.


Additionally, ideas are presented, voted upon and confirmed by the student body president and vice president. In addition to planning events that contributes to college's spirit and community welfare.


Social media 

Instagram: lcbstudentcouncil

(Office: Roof Top)

We're here to help

College life isn’t always easy – If you need practical advice, a confidential conversation or general information, no matter what the issue is, our Student Services Hub is here to help. You & your questions matter. We’re here to make sure you’re getting the most out of everything that college life has to offer.


We provide students with support and guidance, including counselling and mental health, learning support, ICT and financial guidance.


We care about your mental health & wellbeing and are here to provide a listening ear to support and advise you in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Whether you're on the autistic spectrum and need help with the transition to University life, or need to chat about exam stress, we’re here to help support your success.

We provide support if you are experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties. You may have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, or you may be feeling low, stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, or feeling that life isn't worth living. You might be worrying about a specific issue, like exams or friendships, or you might be feeling down about a number of things.

Whatever your concerns are, no matter how long you've had them or whether or not you know the cause, come along and discuss your situation with us. It might feel difficult to contact your Student Services Hub because you might think your problem is too big or too small; you may feel embarrassed, ashamed or be afraid that people may judge you. We understand you may feel anxious, but we are not here to judge you and what you say will be treated with respect and held in confidence.


If you are having difficulties with your learning, do contact your lecturers or department directly. They want you to succeed so don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice out any concerns you may have. If you have been diagnosed with a learning disability, please make an appointment with our counselling services and we can discuss how the college can help.

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