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Welcoming fresh faces at LCB

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) recently organised its ‘Explore LCB’ event to welcome the new Culinary School campus February/March intake students.

The two-day event featured a variety of games, showcases, live cooking demonstrations and activities including a Drone & Robot Explore, iTech Showcase, the Impatient Waiter, Business Know-How, Be a Chef, LCB Pictionary, Fly with Us, Gunpla Mini Exhibition and Warhammer mini exhibition. The event aimed at highlighting several facilities at the college while providing the opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneurs to be part of LCB’s Incuvation Centre.

Students and parents discussed with tutors and programme leaders on charting the students’ learning path and then achieve academic as well as personal development skills for the working environment.

A lucky draw prize presentation enlivened the event.

One of the activities organised by the students. PHOTOS: LCB

Students and their parents during a meeting with programme leaders

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