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Student shines at global entrepreneurship bootcamp

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) student Muhammad Wa’ez Asyraf bin Dollah bags first prize at the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Bangkok, Thailand recently.

Muhammad Wa’ez Asyraf together with his teammates Yogin Subba from Nepal, Puspendra Rathore from India, Travis Sonder from United States (US) and Giacomo Fierro from Italy submitted their project – innovative app called CUEX.

CUEX is an application which preserves traditions and spreads the knowledge of various cultures around the world while simultaneously acting as a travel assistance app.

The vision is to utilise globalisation in such way that small businesses, culture, and traditions of the world can benefit without having to adapt and abandon their traditions.

The student was partially sponsored by LCB under the college’s Incuvation Centre, designed to encourage and motivate young ambitious entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs from 35 countries around the globe including delegates from the US, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Ghana participated in the four-day global programme.

The student was accompanied by LCB Incuvation Centre Lead and Mentor Norazi Norani and Head of Training/Development and Incuvation Centre Jay Santhanam.

Laksamana College of Business student Muhammad Wa’ez Asyraf bin Dollah in a group photo with his teammates. PHOTO: LCB

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