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Aspiring entrepreneurs get lessons in management

Some 50 students of Laksamana College of Business attended a workshop on business management for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) recently.

Allen Ang of EpiPeople Consultants facilitated the course, during which he highlighted the 3Ps – products and services, processes and people.

Ang also called on aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on building rapport with the staff as they are the ones that will prove useful in challenging times when problem-solving is of utmost importance.

He also emphasised on the importance of employees and the need to take care of their welfare by admitting that he had thought of folding his business but the thought of the welfare of his staff drove him to coming up with a solution to avert the crisis.

Ang shared tips on stress management, including reaching out to more seasoned entrepreneurs, adding that it is important to “have someone who can help you to find a work-life balance, as it keeps you from being demotivated”.

Allen Ang from EpiPeople Consultants shares his knowledge with students of Laksamana College of Business. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

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