Preparing youth for the 21st Century

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) is a forward-thinking higher education institution that aims to prepare students for the quick-changing world by equipping them with 21st Century skills, critical thinking abilities, global perspectives and respect for the core Bruneian values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and compassion.

Having been an established learning institution for quite some time, LCB has achieved many milestones, and among them the launch of the Incuvation Centre on January 16, 2019, which serves as a workspace for aspiring entrepreneurs to get their business dreams off the ground. The centre, which is a collaboration between LCB and MINI Brunei of QAF Auto Sdn Bhd, was officiated by British High Commissioner in Brunei Darussalam Richard Lindsay.

On March 26, 2019, LCB saw the launch of the very first private culinary school in Brunei, which offers a City & Guilds Programme on Food Preparation and other culinary courses. The construction of the Culinary School by Laksamana College of Business was aimed at providing an authentic and professional culinary environment for the students.

LCB also hosted the Tatars: Muslims in the Republic of Poland exhibition on April 15, 2019, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Officiated by Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali, the event saw celebrity chefs Marcin Budynek and Marious Olechno conducting a cooking workshop with the first batch of students at the new culinary school, during which they were introduced to the Polish cuisine.

A few months later, in August, some 535 students graduated from LCB in a ceremony that also saw three students being awarded scholarships and incentives worth BND11,000. The event was attended by Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Ali bin Apong and Deputy British High Commissioner in Brunei Darussalam Natalie Gowers Barnes.

On January 18 and 19 this year, the college launched a two-day LCB Roadshow in partnership with MINI and BMW Brunei (QAF Auto) at its new Sports Centre in Batu Satu, which also saw a futsal tournament and the introduction of new undergraduate courses by the University of Chester, United Kingdom (UK).

LCB visited various schools in a car convoy, featuring the latest MINI models, made pit stops at Jerudong Park, Sultan Bolkiah Campus of the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) in Seria, Jefri Bolkiah Campus of the IBTE in Tutong, and Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd in Tutong to promote the new courses: BA (Hons) in Events and Festival Management; BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management; BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering; and BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing.

The following month, February 16-17, the college held its annual open day which featured an array of activities including a cooking demonstration, talks by invited speakers, contests, games and entertainment. To add more excitement to the yearly festival, LCB also hosted a mini Borneo Drone and Robotic Explore (MINI DROBOTEX) at its premises, in collaboration with TEGAS and Brunei Drone Club.

LCB’s vision is to create a conducive learning environment to encourage students seek out new experiences while challenging themselves to grow with the programmes undertaken.

Laksamana College of Business launched the first private culinary school in Brunei on March 26, 2019. PHOTOS: LCB

Some 535 students graduated from LCB last August

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