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Empowering students to realise goals

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) is constantly striving to make fun and dynamic learning environments and experiences so that all of its students are able to accomplish their goals, be empowered to tackle challenges and take on new endeavours.

With the new intake set to begin studies on February 17, LCB shared its 17-year journey: From its establishment, how its courses/ programmes are growing and the success of the college today.

LCB Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Principal Sivarajah Subramaniam explained that there are four different courses offered at LCB – Computing, Business, Tourism & Hospitality and Culinary School. “These are four different pathways for students to pursue their studies at LCB,” he said.

“Of course when we first started we carried the name of the college that mainly focussed on business, but then as we expanded over the past 17 years, we also expanded all the programmes/courses offered at LCB.

“This August, we will be the first college in Brunei to offer University of Chester or British Degree in Post-Graduate level that include MSc in Management, MSc in Treasury and Finance, and MSc in Advance Computer Science. This means that we will bring eight Bachelor’s Degree courses in addition with three Master’s Degree courses, totalling 11 different degree courses that students can pursue in the country without the need for them to study in United Kingdom (UK). With this expansion, students who recently got their ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level results will have a broader option to be part of LCB,” he said.

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) Head of Computing Department Helmee bin Haji Ibrahim; LCB Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Principal Sivarajah Subramaniam; and LCB Head of the Business and Hospitality Department Simon Keenan. PHOTO: ROKIAH MAHMUD

Sivarajah Subramaniam highlighted that LCB wants to provide good quality education to students “because after they graduated from LCB, they will carry our name and brand.”

There are 1,000 students pursuing their studies in various programmes at LCB.

“I think the strength of our success today is derived from parents who give strong support and believe in what we want to deliver,” he said, adding that during the early years, LCB did not have proper classrooms, had limited spaces with basic office equipment and so on.

“The first intake of our 25 students showed the success of what we achieved today. These students, along with their parents, put their trust and believed in us, as over the years more people came forward to support us. That trust and belief in one small college made us what we are today."

“What makes our success today is the bigger role the Ministry of Education has played. As we know, Brunei has a good system of education. The ministry has helped us in easing the process.

“As we also work with universities from the UK, we want to ensure we are on the right track, and they believe in our quality. These are the two things that make LCB stand out,” Sivarajah Subramaniam said.

On the new courses, Head of the Computing Department Helmee bin Haji Ibrahim said LCB will introduce Software Engineering and Applied Computing programmes this year.

“What we want from our students is that when they graduate, they must have special skills to match with the current industry,” he said.

Head of the Business and Hospitality Department Simon Keenan shared that LCB also has two Bachelor’s Degrees in International Tourism Management and Event and Festival Management. He said that the programmes offer students the opportunity to learn the key aspects of the thriving and dynamic industry.

“Tourism has brought impact in economic contribution globally. We want the students to attain skills in this discipline. After they graduate, they can work in the country or pursue their career abroad,” said Keenan. LCB will hold its open day on February 16-17, providing a platform for parents and students to get more information about LCB. The new intake begins on Monday.

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