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Students leave for UK Synergy Alliance trip

Eleven students under the Chester Degree Programme and Kensington College of Business (KCB) Programme of Laksamana College of Business (LCB) left for the Synergy Alliance trip to the United Kingdom (UK).

The annual trip, from December 14-22, is part of the Synergy Alliance 2019 of LCB and University of Chester (UoC).

It provides students, who are prospectively obtaining a UoC Degree, the UK experience by visiting the UoC campus in winter.

As a major regional partner of University of Chester, LCB offers the students to experience the globally influential centre of finance and culture.

LCB-UoC-KCB Synergy Alliance also aims to provide the environment and new paradigm for students striving to acquire greater international education and experience and succeed in a global environment. The visits, educational talk and workshop sessions will further enhance the students’ skills in field of study and academic research work.

The activities would require the participations of the UoC and KCB in terms of conducting short workshop sessions and talks to give this trip some of the educational essence. The proposed topics for this year’s Synergy Alliance for the UoC are academic integrity: the importance of referencing and integrity in academic writing; research methods; relevance of Master qualifications in today’s world – academically and professionally and University/Campus Tour. The proposed topics for the Synergy Alliance for the KCB are study skills workshop (theoretical and practical modules).

Accompanying the students are LCB Computing lecturer Jay Santhanam and LCB Registrar Dayangku Hajah Siti Noorsinah binti Pengiran Haji Mohd Arif.

Laksamana College of Business (LCB) students in a group photo. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

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