Polish exotic duo. From Podlasie to Malaysia

Polish cooks: Mariusz Olechno and Marcin Budynek. They presented Tatar cuisine from Podlasie in Malaysia and the Sultanate of Brunei. They trained students from Brunei, they cooked for representatives of local authorities, diplomats and the Polish diaspora. Their dishes have gained much recognition that they have already arranged for further culinary visits in Asia.

The Sultanate of Brunei occupies the northern part of the exotic island of Borneo in the Malay Archipelago. On April 15, Marcin Budynek, owner of the Fisza restaurant in Augustów, and Mariusz Olechno, Sushi Chef in Koku Sushi, conducted culinary workshops for 20 students from the prestigious school, The Culinary School by Laksamana College of Business in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei. They were the first Poles who taught how to cook local youth.

Knives for "Teresa"

- I admit that the majority did not know where Poland is, and confused us with the Dutch. We were an absolute exotic for them - says Mariusz Olechno, a Podlasian and the creator of the largest network of sushi bars in Poland - Sushi Koku. - However, when they learned that we had come to show them a Muslim contribution to the Polish culinary tradition, they were even more surprised, though definitely positively. We, in turn, had a problem remembering the very difficult names of our students. With their permission, we gave them Polish names. "Teresa," which promises to be a great cook, we left our knives, which is a great recognition in the culinary environment.

The dishes presented by the chefs, including Potato pancakes with smoked salmon and tatar sauce, white vegetable soup and Russian dumplings, the last ones turned out to be a hit. In Brunei, white cheese is almost unknown, there was also a problem with buying white vegetables. However, it was possible to get them, and the dishes were delicious.

The cooks arrived in Borneo at the invitation of the Polish embassy in Malaysia. On her initiative, they prepared a sumptuous supper at the university, in which they took part, among others Krzysztof Dębnicki, ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Yang Mulia Awang Wardi Bin Hj Mohammad Ali, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Tourism in Brunei, and school authorities. The menu includes Polish and Tatar dishes from Podlasie. The dinner was preceded by the opening of an exhibition on Polish Tatars.

- I admit that in Brunei with a population of less than 400,000, we were a real sensation of the inhabitants - says Urszula Olechno, co-owner of Koku Sushi, who accompanied her husband in a culinary expedition. - Every day, articles appeared in the press about us. On the street, everyone recognized and greeted us. Anile the Asians are very kind, it's Brunei doubly.d wh

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