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Making waves in the art of coffee-making

HEAD Barista and co-owner of Piccolo Café Kristy Lim conducted a Beginners Barista Training class at The Culinary School of Laksamana College of Business (LCB) recently.

Seven students from Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Hospitality Management attended.

The session involved teaching of the different types of beans used in different cafés/restaurants, different ways and types of roasting, introduction of coffee origin, coffee bean process, different types of coffee brewing methods like v60, aeropress and coffee extraction, how coffee is also affected by water quality, the different types of milks and their distinctive tastes, coffee equipment and their purposes (coffee machine, temper, knockbox, grinder, thermometer, and weighing scale) as well as the importance of flushing the machine and on how to do it.

Kristy demonstrated the extraction method and making the espresso shots. Students tried to make espresso under Kristy’s guidance.

Kristy also demonstrated on milk steaming and creating latte art. Students took turns to steam milk and attempt latte art.

The training provided the students the knowledge and skill to create a cup of coffee by the end of the class.

LCB students in a group photo with the instructor. – AZLAN OTHMAN

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