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Huge step forward for Brunei’s hospitality industry

DIRECTOR and Principal of Laksamana College of Business (LCB) and Kensington College of Business Ian Pirie said the private Culinary School will be the first of its kind in Brunei Darussalam, dedicated to providing training for students aspiring to become proficient in local and international cuisines.

He made these comments at the launching ceremony of the newly established Culinary School at LCB yesterday.

“This is a huge step forward for Brunei’s hospitality industry, especially because its Head of Department Luke Macann is internationally experienced.”

He added, “The school enables all students, both domestic and international, to access a wealth of hospitality opportunities and avenues worldwide. Its skills-based certificate and Diploma courses are awarded by the renowned City & Guilds, United Kingdom (UK), which provides internationally-recognised qualifications, awards assessments and support for individuals and organisations in the UK and across the globe.”

British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam Richard Lindsay noted that the Culinary School is a mark of the continued growth of LCB and the deepening of its relationship with the British High Commission in Brunei Darussalam in the less than two years that he has been in Brunei.

ABOVE & BELOW: Principal Director of LCB Ian Pirie and British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam Richard Lindsay addressing the gathering. – PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

Students with Laksamana’s Culinary School instructor plating dishes for guests

“Part of this is (LCB’s) commitment to support ‘through life’ education – equipping your graduates for a future beyond LCB – either through pursuing their next phase of education in the UK, or preparing them for employment here in Brunei,” he said.

“It is also because you have such a focus on maintaining standards – not compromising to inflate grades or increase enrolment.

“I applaud your latest innovation – to introduce a culinary school. LCB’s initiative to offer a Culinary School fits directly into the element of Brunei Vision 2035 and the just-concluded 15th Legislative Council session’s focus on increasing employment opportunities for young Bruneians.”

Lindsay added, “It’s also smart business sense, both for Laksamana and for the students who decide to take (the courses), as there will always be a healthy demand for well-trained graduates from a culinary school such as this. You will be some of the first to pick up jobs.

“The higher the quality of your culinary expertise, the more you will be contributing to the attractiveness of Brunei as a tourist destination. I hope that you will each be playing your part in bringing more British tourists to Brunei – to appreciate the diversity of your food, to dispel any myths which may have been created by MasterChef UK about ‘crispy’ chicken rendang, and to enjoy the beauties of this wonderful country.”

The new Culinary School, located just beside the LCB building, underwent a thorough design and construction process. The result is a purposed-built facility designed to provide an authentic and professional culinary environment.

Intakes for the Culinary School are open in March and September, with 25 slots available for each.