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LCB students learn about personal branding at workshop

LAKSAMANA College of Business (LCB) recently facilitated a Personal Branding Workshop by Dr Holger Siemons, which was attended by 45 University Foundation Course students.

The three-day workshop involved various concepts of personal branding that included exposure to critical thinking along with an activity that develops multi-perspective taking; understanding the impact of context on thinking, communication, behaviour and impact on employability skills; exploring differences and stages of cultural development and associated behaviours, its impact on teams and organisations, and its contribution to employability skills; and socialisation, acculturation and its impact on the appreciation and rejection of values in personal and work life, and how it contributes to employability skills.

The students, divided into groups, were tasked with creating charts and discussing their thoughts on personal branding, and how it can be applied to jobs, society, friends and family. The sessions also included issues on the understanding of judgement, privilege, power and agency, and how this directly impacts job opportunities both locally and abroad.

Dr Holger Siemons talks on the concepts of personal branding.

Students at the workshop. – PHOTOS: ISHAN IBRAHIM

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