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LCB students learn about financial management

A TALK on ‘Your Life-Cycle Finance’ was delivered by a speaker from the United States (US) Dr Roman Zytek at the Laksamana College of Business (LCB) recently.

It was attended by students of Level 3 Diploma in Business and Level 5 Diploma in Business and HND in Computing.

Roman Zytek started off the talk with a warm-up session to interact and connect with the students by asking them about their future and what they plan to do after they graduate.

He began the first topic of Testing Business Skills to discuss about value of creation. He showed some examples on how to deal with revenues and expenses.

The second topic was on Testing Financial Skills. He followed up with a finance problem for the students to work out an answer.

Other topics discussed included Life-cycle Finances – power of saving and roles of personal savings and why we should save money; the role of asset sale and management costs; and the power of learning financial management.

He also discussed topics such as research on savings, the trans-theoretical model of behavioral change and improving life-cycle financial outcomes.

US speaker Rowan Zytek with LCB management staff. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

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