Students urged to learn traditional musical instruments

KRIS Karmila, ambassador of the culture and arts in the local youth scene, held a talk on ‘Culture and Arts’ at the Laksamana College of Business (LCB) recently.

She is also the Head of the Arts and Culture Bureau of the Youth and Sports Department and regularly organises sessions and activities of the Youth Community Transformation Club (KKBT).

The talk was attended by about 50 LCB students undertaking Level 5 HND Business course and their lecturer Aaron Russo.

Kris Karmila spoke about the traditional musical instruments of Brunei Darussalam such as gulingtangan, canang, tawak-tawak, gong and gandang labik, and how students can benefit by learning to play them.

She also spoke about the beauty of puisi (poetry), how to talk confidently in public, developing personal skill sets and other issues that can help youth to empower themselves.

She also urged youth to register at the Youth Centre where they can utilise the studio to play musical instruments and also as a quiet place for study.

Three LCB students read a poem before their peers after the talks.

Kris Karmila speaks about ‘Culture and Arts’. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

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