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Promising students get three-year scholarships

KONG Xiang Yun, a student at Laksamana College of Business (LCB), yesterday spoke to the Bulletin on being awarded a scholarship to pursue a degree course in Computer Science.

“I was thrilled when I received the news,” she said, adding that she had initially considered getting a job after obtaining an HND in Computing and Systems Development, due to financial problems.

Kong, who will graduate next year from the college, is one of eight students awarded scholarships by the LCB to further their studies.

Director of the LCB and Plaza Abdul Razak Holdings Sdn Bhd Haji Suhaimei bin Haji Besar also congratulated the students on their achievements.

“Before any scholarship is awarded to a student, there are several criteria the college has to consider,” he said.

Director of the Laksamana College of Business and Plaza Abdul Razak Holdings Sdn Bhd Haji Suhaimei bin Haji Besar (ABOVE) and Kong Xiang Yun (BELOW) during an interview. – PHOTOS: ISHAN IBRAHIM

“For example, we have to look into their financial backgrounds – their willingness and commitment to further their studies, their attendance in class and academic performance – which are just some of the factors that the college management will deliberate and examine before any scholarship awards are given.”

Since 2017, the college has awarded three-year scholarships amounting BND300,000.

“The college intends to give scholarships to four students per year, which may gradually increase,” said Haji Suhaimei.

“These scholarships are not restricted to Bruneians; students from different nationalities can also receive them, depending on their performance and criteria fulfilment,” he added.