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Talk encourages students to venture into business

LAKSAMANA College of Business (LCB) held a talk titled ‘Starting and Running a Business’ at Lecture Hall 4, Level 2 of the college recently.

AIA Co Ltd Senior Insurance Planner, Co-founder of Edu Champ Academic Tuition School and Co-founder of Epipeople Consultant Allen Ang delivered the talk, attended by final year Computer Science students of the Chester Degree programme.

The talk touched on, among others, how computer science students can make it in the business world; why youth should try to venture into business; why it is important to understand that the Internet is vital to business; examples of how digital marketing is taking over conventional marketing; why it is important to understand the local market; and how to build a personal brand via social media.

Allen Ang delivers the talk to the students. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

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