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Latest teaching, learning technology improves classroom environment

LAKSAMANA College of Business (LCB) recently organised a one-day training workshop for its lecturers and teaching staff.

The workshop was conducted by Mohamed Ali and Cristina from Engage Minds Learning Sdn Bhd to help the participants get acquainted with the technologies brought in to add to the teaching facilities such as holograms and interactive TVs.

The college’s traditional classroom setting has been transformed and modernised with the introduction of the latest technology.

The 98-inch all-in-one interactive touchscreen display TVs make for a more fun teaching and learning experience.

Interactive presentations can be now delivered using the Fitouch Interactive device, which has a true 4K display producing resolutions of up to 3840×2160, yielding bright colours, crisp, rich and vivid displays for an unparalleled visual experience for both educators and students.

Facilitators conducting the training workshop. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

Up to 10 students can draw on this interactive device at any one time, making it ideal for use in group projects and presentations via synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Muhammad Zuhair Bolqiah bin Idris, an IT lecturer at the college, said the technology will help improve the classroom environment and also help lecturers impart their knowledge and deliver presentations more effectively, adding that students will in turn be able to grasp lessons much better than before.

“This technology is not only useful in classrooms but can also be utilised in office settings to conduct presentations more efficiently,” he added.

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