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Orientation for new LCB intake at Jerudong Park

New Laksamana College of Business August/September 2017 intake

There were 10 teams playing, with colours and numbers used to differentiate them.

Each team had a minimum of eight players and was led by a Student Council member.

The orientation focused on making the students interact with each other and also to influence them into using teamwork as a way to win the games.

In a way, having Jerudong Park as the venue of the programme levelled up how the students could think, exploring their creativity and having fun while doing so.

Most of the games were designed to challenge the students and to make them speak up, especially to one another.

The students also got the chance to get to know the Student Council members and college’s lecturers.

A prize presentation was held at the end of the orientation with the Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Principal of LCB, Sivarajah Subramaniam.

Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd also supported the LCB Orientation activity by sponsoring Rainfresh mineral water for all the students who attended the activity.

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