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Dinner reception marks Laksamana anniversary

LAKSAMANA College of Business celebrated its 15-year anniversary by hosting an alumni dinner last Saturday night at the Songket Ballroom of The Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong.

Present at the dinner were the Chairman of Kensington College of Business, Dr Lawrence Watson; the Director/Principal of Kensington College of Business/Laksamana College of Business, Ian Pirie; and the Director of Laksamana College of Business, Haji Suhaimei bin Haji Besar. Around 400 alumni from year 2003 to 2016 attended the dinner reception.

Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Principal of Laksamana College of Business, Sivarajah Subramaniam, highlighted the achievements of Laksamana College of Business alumnus over the years.

“I feel proud to say that over the span of a decade, we have scaled greater heights of success and glory, and crafted a great reputation in Brunei, all the way from our origins as a college regarded as a last resort option for students with no other alternatives, to our status now as the number one private institution in Brunei, where students have the highest regard for us and look forward to being part of the college,” said the deputy principal.

The event was enlivened with videos showing the college’s alumni and live performances.

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