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Physical, mental, teamwork tested at Fitness Race

FORTY-EIGHT students of Laksamana College of Business (LCB) participated in its first ever Fitness Race at the Berakas Forest Reserve. The students were divided into two groups: A Wing and B Wing.

The opening ceremony started with a Zumba session led by the LCB Performing Arts club, followed by the first rotation of games. During the first rotation, the teams in A Wing played the Relay Run game which included a baton pass of 240-metre running, pulling 15kg tyres for 60 metres, and a ‘Farmers Walk’ of 30-metre running and 30-metre lunges.

B Wing teams played the ‘Obstacle Course’ where they had to jump over barricades to reach the finish line, and the team performed fitness cardio of 20 jumping jacks and five burpees by the finish line.

The final rotation of the game took place at the chalet area where all teams competed in the ‘Cooperation Challenge’ which included games of ‘Save the Balloon’, ‘Squat Squad’, and ‘Don’t Drop’.

The event ended with the prize presentation. Team ‘Immortal’ won first place; ‘Baywatch’ second place and ‘Back to BaSIX’ settled for third.

The Fitness Race event combined physical, mental and team working prowess in a rotation of different games, and aimed to foster closer ties and encourage healthy activities among the students.

Photos show LCB students participating in some of the games

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