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Business students learn employability skills

LAKSAMANA College of Business’s (LCB) BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in IT students recently underwent a three-day Employability Skills for Future Employees workshop, delivered by Professor Dr Holger Siemons, an invited guest speaker from the United Kingdom.

The objective of the workshop was to prepare students to learn and apply their knowledge and skills to perform efficiently in their jobs when they enter the workforce.

During his talk, Professor Dr Holger explained the fundamentals of a successful employee and the need to be better individuals not just within the business environment but outside of it as well.

He also enlightened the students on the realities of working in an international or multicultural work environment, conveying to them the need to understand the different perspectives of their future colleagues and co-workers; individuals who will come from different parts of the world, possessing their own distinct cultures, religions, norms and values, behaviours, and personality traits.

During the workshop

Professor Dr Holger’s lecture was delivered using a state-of-the-art teaching approach as practiced in the United Kingdom. LCB’s collaboration with numerous British universities has already increased many local students’ further study and employment prospects, both locally and internationally.

The workshop also taught them how to market themselves and develop their own personal brand to ready themselves for an increasingly complex, challenging job market. It also touched on topics such as the early identification of personal skill and development areas, issues in perception management, and the development of personal support systems.

To further challenge the students and expand their minds, the students were divided into different groups, where each was required to tackle assigned problems and tasks. The group work also tested each student’s individual leadership, motivating and critical thinking skills.

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