By H. Rayyan

Group photo of the winners; X-Men, Kami Sahabat and Subzero with the Guest of Honor from RedBull, Game Directors from Laksamana College of Business and BPMFASS Student Council

On Sunday, October 26th. An air of exhilaration ignites as 8 teams assemble around the University Of Brunei’s indoor sports complex, hosted by Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Badan Pergerakan Mahasiswa Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (BPMFASS). With 3 places of winning up for grabs, the competitive nature of the tournament rose. Alongside the competitive aspects, multiple food booths were available selling snacks to prevent those who were present from succumbing to hunger.

In contrast to the competing teams, most notable, there were three teams joining from Laksamana College of Business: Legacy FC, Adventure FC and Fitness FC. With the name of their college upon the grasp, morality boosted for every match they faced each other. The tournament began with a match between Adventure FC and Team Asam Jawa which ended with a wide difference of 4-7, leaving the losing side in distraught.

Moreover, as the game ascends - matches evolved to a more upbeat stature with every fixture that passed. Most notably, the first yellow card of the current tournament which was awarded to AK. Abdul Wafiq for a cynical foul on an opponent. Despite the tension, jubilance were still co-existing as attendants had a great time amongst each other - from futsal practices at the side while matches commenced to conversations between peers.

As matches come and go between the 8 teams of the fixture of the first week which were : X-men, JDV, Legacy FC, LCB Fitness Club, Foos Fighter, Trud Team, Adventure FC, Asam Jawa FC - The three final winners were declared at the end of the tournament. With Subzero winning thirds for which they attended the first round of the tournament, Kami Sahabat in second and X-men in the first place.

The competition continues on October 30th, as the second week of the Redbull Human Foosball kicks off. Taking place at Sekolah Vokasional Nakhoda Ragam, 10 teams participate representing various teams such as LCB Fitness Squad FC, FallinLovia, PlanC FT, Bengal and Zero FT in Group A and Japai, Terunjynga, Trud Team, Asam Kelumbi and Golden Lily Utd in Group B.

As matches come to a closing it comes down to Japai taking the gauntlet with Bengal being 1st runner up and Golden lily Utd on 2nd runner up. The next event will take place at Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) this week from November 4th to 6th and At Laksamana College of Business from November 18 to 20.

According to Student Council Representative, Afiqah Lamit, the number of participations is expected to be higher compared to previous events. She urges the public to come support the event and spread word about the sport nationwide. For those who are interested, you can contact Afiqah (+673-892-1554) and Zara (+673-880-8310).



By Pauline C.

Representatives from the Performing Arts Club take on another challenge in performing live during the Fifth Acoustic Pop-Up Event on the 15th October 2016 held at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Complex. The event was proudly organized by the FNDuo, a local music group known for making song covers on YouTube, with the help of other local musicians.

The event began by Shafiq (Drummer) and his band, Huwira performed 4 songs from "All I Ask" by Kodaline, "Kota Hati" by Hujan Band, "Creep" by Radio Head and "Closer to the Edge" by 30 Seconds to Mars, as the opening act. Followed with the trios to take on the spotlight from Laksamana College of Business were Qasrina Taruna, Muiz Zamri and Reeya Dernal, all members of the Performing Arts Club as vocalists. They performed the song “Emotions” by Destiny’s Child, a contemporary R&B genre released in 2001. Muiz Zamri also managed to perform a solo on “Let Me Love You” by Mario whereas Reeya Darnal performed “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran during her solo. The students were given plenty of encouragements and applaud by the audience to further boost their confidence during the event.

The event was a success for both the organizers and the performers. The audience loved all the performances. Other members of the Performing Arts Club from Laksamana College of Business also showed their support by coming to cheer for trio.

Izyan Anver, a journalist FROM The LCB Times, had also conducted an interview with the performers as below.

What did you expect to learn from this event before you entered?

Qasrina: It was to overcome stage fright, although being on the stage and performing live is not new to me but I am still just as nervous as my first time performing live, believe me it will never go away. Also meeting diversely talented people. Everything that I've experienced that night fully exceeds my expectations. I'm really glad.

What was the purpose of the event?

The purpose of the event was to bring all the local talents together for an exposure. It was really brilliant. Kudos to FNDuo for their wonderful hospitality and directions.

Did you conduct any rehearsals before the event?

Qasrina: It was a last minute decision, we basically rehearsed a day before the event, both Reeya and I weren't familiar with the song unlike Muiz - who did and posted an amazing acapella cover of it, but surprisingly we managed to get our tunes and sounds right by the time we had our sound check and full rehearsal.

What gave you three the confidence to perform?

Qasrina: The fact that we know we got each other's backs and also we sound pretty good for a bunch of people who haven't really had a show or perform together before. Really thankful to Muiz for inviting us along to sing with him.

Reeya: The support from everyone and confidence in us three even though it was a last minute performance.

Muiz: I was actually really nervous before we went on, but as we perform, i tried to overcome that so other people couldn't reflect my confidence.

How was the crowd and who else came from PAC to support?

Qasrina: Pretty good, they were supportive, I'm amazed by the scenic location that the FNDuo provided, really set the right mood for the gig. PAC members were also there and supported us, really am thankful and delighted for this semester's club members, diverse talents, and good hearts.



Sunday, October 23rd, Laksamana College of Business’s (LCB) Touch Rugby team once again won FIRST place for the Touch Rugby Tournament organised by Politeknik Brunei that took place at Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah (MD) field ground. Bringing yet another trophy home, alongside individual medals individually.

We would like to congratulate the team who participated and prove themselves again that they are the alpha team around. “We trained only once, and our biggest challenge would be facing off against Universiti Teknologi Brunei’s (UTB) Vanguard and Vipers B (an open group, said Syazwi Awang the team caption in an interview with the media.

Top L-R) Ajess, Wapai, Aqil, Fendi, Anik, (GOH) Sir Faizul Jefri, Syazwi, Haikal, Izzat, Hafiz and Zuhdi. (Bottom L-R) Alif and Syazwan



Top L to R) Team Arrow: Arif, Abib, Mizi, Amin, Hafiz, Afiq, Mahyuddin and Haziq (Bottom L to R) Team Panthers A: Bilah, Aflah, Nad, Pong, Kala and Ekah

Teams ponder upon the victory as adrenaline rush amongst competitors. Enlightening the name of their respective colleges – Panther A and B represented Laksamana College of Business (LCB) whereas Outcast represented Politeknik Brunei College. As the teams were split amongst the females and males. The names are as follows, 9 female teams were present which were: - LCB Panthers B, Poly Lightning, UTB Eves 2, KIGS Invaders, UBD from group X. While upon the contrasting side, group X had the remaining female teams: - LCB Panthers A, Poly Dodgettes, UTB Eves and Mc Fury.

Whilst the males’ legion of teams were a total of 4 divisions. Group A: included, UTB B, IGS, Poly DB and KUPU B. Group B: had UTB A, LCB Outcast, Poly Lions and Cosmo Arrow. Whereas Group C: consisted of Mc Fury, UBD B, Poly Rookie and KUPU A. As Group D had three teams of SVNR, UBD A, and Poly DBK.

As tension grows upon the arena, the tournament commenced. Teams flowed from on match to another, allowing points to accumulate – as time ascends to the Promethean task of winning. While the tournament stands to a consequence, winners were named upon efforts whilst those who lost faltered to distraught.

In the end, the tournament was left with the top three winners from each division of genders. LCB Panthers A in the first place for the female division while UTB trailed in second and UBD with the last gasp of the third. In conjunction, the male division had the squadron of Arrow in first, LCB Outcast as runner – ups and SVNR as the last resort of third.

A brief interview was then conducted by one of the newsletter committees which in this case was Izyan Anver. The interviewer questioned Mizi, a player from LCB Outcast, upon what was the biggest challenge along the journey in the competition. The latter then replied that, “Arrow and McFury are the two teams that are hard to beat, and there were one too many draws with team Arrow“ Abel from Panthers B stated that “Poly Lightning are their biggest challenge, this is due to not having a proper warming up and drills, and not fully prepare before the game.”

As Kala from Panthers A answered, “The biggest challenge was the UTB Eves as we were going against them in the final. We didn't get to train much for this tournament. Even when we did, our players were never full for a proper training. Our strategy was just to take it slow and play safe. Collect as many balls and snipe whenever we get the chance to do so and Alhamdulillah, we managed to bag 1st place and make LCB proud. “

Expectations rose as teams wait for the BPMFASS Inter-College Dodgeball Tournament on the 4th of November, organized and hosted by Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Badan Pergerakan Mahasiswa Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (BPMFASS) as the LCB Male rookie time holds hope of attaining victory as the bearing fruit of their training. There will be one female team representing LCB upon the following fixture as two male teams are representing the difference of one rookie and a senior.

LCB Female team: Panthers A and B  (Top L to R) Abel, Rabbie, Qas, Aflah, Bilah, Kala (Bottom L to R) Ekah, Matun, Meera, Nad, Pong

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