Mr. Sivarajah Subramaniam (Chief Operating Officer/ Deputy Principal)

Every great nation needs a leader, in this case, a pristine college such as Laksamana College of Business needs a great leader, and that great leader is our very own gracious Mister Siva. Mister Siva, the Deputy Principal and Chief Operating Officer of the college, has been with the college for more than thirteen years now and a lot of successful changes has happened since then.

We at the LCB Times had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Mr Siva, and so in order to learn more about our inspiring leader, and for a little extra encouragement, we urge you to read on!

Izyan Anver, a journalist at LCB Times, conducted the interview. And here it is appearing in the final issue of 2016!

Izyan Anver: What is your greatest accomplishment as the COO and Deputy Principal of the college?

Mr. Siva: Nothing (said jokingly). I don’t believe it's one person’s job or accomplishment to what we have achieved as a college now. It’s a team, and a great team at it. We’ve had Ms. Bogusia & Ms. Sinah from the very beginning, and of course, we’ve built up with Mr. Mahen & Mr. Simon as well. Although over the years, we’ve had people who have come and gone, they have contributed to the success of the college. When we first started, we had only twenty students, now we have over a thousand students. In terms of space, we used to have about only 8000 ft2 but now we have about 50,000 ft2.

Izyan Anver: How long have you been working here?

Mr. Siva: I’ve been working here for thirteen years, since day one of Laksamana College of Business.

Izyan Anver: What do you love about your job?

Mr. Siva: Students. I think it’s just nice to deal with the younger generation and of course there’s always something new, it’s a very challenging market, there’s always something new you need to do to stay competitive and that helps stimulate your brain and that makes it interesting. Working with the younger generation, seeing them growing and graduating, and eventually seeing them outside working and starting their own business is nice to see. For the past thirteen years, seeing students come and go, seeing them outside achieving success is the best part of my job.