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LCB welcomes fresh intake

LAKSAMANA College of Business (LCB) recently organised the Orientation Day for its new February and March 2016 students.

The intake included self-funded students and candidates who were recently awarded the BPTV scholarships, according to a press release.

Three sessions were held for the students who have registered for the University Foundation Course, BA Common Year 1, the first and second year degree of Chester University programmes, Pearson BTEC courses of Business, IT, Hospitality Management and Computing and Systems Development for both full-time and the evening students.

The orientations were conducted by LCB Chief Operating Officer S Sivarajah.

LCB Student Council representatives Mohammad Nur Hafidz Putra Manjanai (president) and Chong Ji Woei (vice president) joined the sessions, informing the newcomers to be present at an orientation activity to be held at the Berakas Forest Reserve on April 9

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