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LCB conducts tutorial on APA referencing

LAKSAMANA College of Business (LCB) has recently started its full-fledged degree programme locally. The degree is awarded by the University of Chester, United Kingdom.

The LCB students who registered for the Chester degree courses were given a tutorial on the APA referencing (plagiarism) by the Compliance and Quality Assurance Officer at LCB, Gloria Asare Antwiwaa, according to a press release.

The tutorial taught the students about the rules and regulations of their programmes in order to improve their grading in the future assignments or examinations.

The tutorial was attended by all the full-time and evening students of BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BA (Hons) Business Management, BA (Hons) Marketing and BSc (Hons) Computer Science. Two sessions of the tutorial were held.

Gloria Asare Antwiwaa highlighted the importance of reference which protects students from academic malpractice and enables a reader to locate the student’s source of information.

She spoke on the different methods of referencing such as, in-text citation, multiple citations, paraphrasing and summarising to name a few with examples that students may follow when preparing their assignments.

She urged the students not to cut and paste the answers from the source they obtained, strictly not to copy someone’s work or using their previous work and not to do their assignment at the last minute.

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