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Dk Hjh Siti
Pg Haji Mohd Arif

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Sinah joined LCB as an Administrative Assistant involved in the daily operation of the college together with our COO Mr. S. Sivarajah and Director of Academic Studies and Operation Ms. Bogusia. Ms. Sinah’s journey at LCB began as a student at Kensington College of Business, London, where she embarked on the KCB Professional Course Pathway while pursuing her degree in BA Business Studies. With her commitment and dedication, she quickly established herself as an integral part of our institution. Following the successful completion of her studies, Ms. Sinah’s exceptional skills and drive propelled her career forward, leading her to assume the esteemed position of Registrar at the college.

As Registrar, Ms. Sinah oversees a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from document certification and management of transcripts, certificates, and examination reports for all KCB programs to the administration of BTEC official certificates and student registrations. Her expertise and meticulous attention to detail ensure that all matters pertaining to these vital areas are handled with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

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