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Register online on our website 


Receive a call/email from us to acknowledge your registration


Complete the PDF Registration Form sent to your Email and complete payment for Deposit fee (and Registration fee)

Kindly provide us with your correct Email Address and ensure to check your inbox for updates.


Scan the completed form(s), your Result/Transcript and the payment transaction receipt/slip of deposit fee (Chester)

(+ Resit Fee - if applicable)


deposit fee and registration fee (KCB/BTEC/City & Guilds)

Kindly ensure all fields on the form are filled completely.


Email all the scanned documentation in STEP 4 to


Kindly indicate in the email if the student is Self-funded / Self-funded with TAP or Govt Education Allowance /

BSP Claim


Receive Official Receipt and Acceptance Letter and other relevant documents from the Finance Department 


Ensure LCB Email is activated and Microsoft Team is set up for online classes and to receive any college updates

Kindly contact IT Support for any online resource matters/issues at

Thank You!

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