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Message From Principal
Ian Pirie, MA (Oxon)


Welcome to Laksamana College of Business.

Kensington College of Business (KCB) has been a very familiar institution with Bruneian students in fulfilling their needs for further education. In this on-going process we have built a good relationship with students and their parents and in appreciation of the enthusiasm shown, we take great pleasure in establishing KCB in your country under the name Laksamana College of Business (LCB).


For our Brunei College, we have developed comprehensive courses which meet current need such as Academic and Professional Business Courses.


There are 2 main routes for those who want to pursue a career in Business:


  • Take a Professional Qualifications, e.g. KCB Diploma, which trains the students for specific careers in Administration, Marketing/Finance, etc.

  • Take a bachelor’s degree (BA) awarded by the University of Chester, which provides a high level of education and so prepares the students for a career in any area of business.


Although both of these routes will naturally inspire students to achieve top management positions, the completion of education can be achieved by continuation on to an MBA or MSc in KCB London.


At KCB we offer both routes and our courses and facilities have been inspected and approved by Professional Associations, Universities, Employers and Students Worldwide.


Remember, this is one small step in realising your big dreams and we are proud to have been there for you.



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