Making the most of your College Library
  1. The College Library is very modern and comprehensive. It has all the resources required to learn any course taught at the Laksamana College of Business.

  2. The Librarians are very knowledgeable and able to assist with requests for resources for any course.

  3. The library has a number of small tutorial rooms that may be booked by students. These are especially useful for completing that group coursework assignment. In addition, there are numerous desktop computers available for students use as well as power enabled desks that students can use to charge their laptops.

  4. There are also a number of private individual booths for students to study in. Their booths may be booked by students. Please ask your librarians for more info regarding this.

  5. Note that you can obtain the past year exam papers from the library, Ask the librarians for more information regarding this.




EBSCOHOST Online Journal Library

Step 1:   Open your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)  

Step 2:   Access the Laksamana College of Business Moodle Page,

               http://lcb.kcbonline.org/moodle/login/index.php, see the figure below, and then

               login to your account. 

Step 3:   Once you signed in, scroll down until you see Online Library on the right side of the

               Webpage side bar, you will see an Online Library section and under it Click on the 

              “EBSCOhost Journal Database” image.

Step 4:   After you click the image, a new window will appear and simply click on the first

               link and you will be directed to the online EBSCO online library.

Step 5:   After this you will be directed to the EBSCO online library and you can find books,

               journal, articles, biography, etc. To do this simply look for it in the “Publication

               Type” or the “Document Type”. 

Perlego Online Library
(Only for Chester Degree Student)


Location: 2nd Floor

Operating Hours: ​

8:30 am - 9:00 pm

(8:30 am - 5:30 pm, Term-Break)

Step 1:   Contact IT Support at support@laksamanacollege.edu.bn and ask for

               your Registration Code for Business Student, Computing Student and

               Hospitality Student. Once you received it.

Step 2:   Read the instructions carefully and follow the step.

Step 3:   Click the “sign-up-page” on the first step.

Step 4:   Fill in the details. Remember to use your Laksamana College of Business

               Email Account and put in the provided registration code.

Step 5: Done now you can access the Perlego Library and be able to find both textbooks and the best non-fiction content!

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