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Introducing one of the latest addition to  Laksamana College of Business, Luke Macann.  With his passion, experience and food philosophy, we believe that he will be a great addition to our Culinary School and to Brunei Darussalam's culinary industry as a whole.

What would you consider your career highlights?

Working with Jamie Oliver at the River Café in London, owning and operating my own restaurant and working as a head chef at one of the kitchens at Google’s heard quarters in Mountain view California.  Now I’m about to run a Culinary school of my own.

Where has your career taken you?

I have been cooking for 27 years and counting.  I have lived and worked in New Zealand, Melbourne, London, Cornwall, San Francisco, Beijing China, Chiang Mai Thailand and now Brunei.  I define the places that I live by the foods that can be found there. 

Early food memory

Foraging with my dad on a local farm and finding enormous field mushrooms.  We took them home, cut them up and put them in a pot with some onion, garlic, a stock cube and some water.  We boiled them for a few minutes then thicken the mixture with some flour.  We ate them on buttered toast.  The taste was rich and comforting and the texture was like meat.  It was so delicious and satisfying.

What are your favorite foods?

Squid, most vegetables, fried chicken

Tell us about your own experience at your Culinary School

I spent two years at a great Culinary School near to my town.  My tutors , Will and Joe, taught us the importance of being professional.  They both had great respect for cooking as craft and as a career.  I have a huge amount of respect for them; they were firm, fair and wise.

How would you explain your food philosophy?

I believe I cook with integrity.  I respect food and the origin of the dish I am cooking.  My influences are global, I like to apply the most suitable cooking method and style to the ingredients I have around me.  I believe a true chef enjoys feeding others more than themselves.  My mantra is the most important ingredient in the kitchen is knowledge.


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