French Course

French Course

French Course

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14 Week Programme

French Course

Laksamana College of Business is working with Alliance Francaise De Brunei to help students increase their value in the local and international job market.


The Alliance Française   of Brunei is offering French classes and promoting French language and culture in Brunei since 1986. The Alliance offers courses available to all ages, from toddlers to adults, and also delivers corporate classes in companies.


Teachers at the Alliance Francaise are highly qualified native French speakers holding French degrees and will help you develop conversationally and written skills in French, as well as oral expression.


At Laksamana, the 14-week programme will teach the students to speak French and familiarise themselves with the French language working environment.


The language skills and knowledge will also give them an opportunity to seek jobs in France or other countries that use the French language. Alliance Francaise De Brunei is an association that promotes the French language and culture and works towards fostering a better understanding between the two countries.

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