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Marketing Department

April Lim

Marketing Executive

Ms. April Lim, a dedicated professional who joined the college in 2018 as a Marketing Assistant and has since embarked on a remarkable journey at LCB. In 2020, she seized the opportunity to enhance her qualifications by pursuing a BA (Hons) in Event Management at LCB. This unique experience provided her with invaluable insights into the perspectives of both a student and a staff member, enabling her to serve the students of LCB more effectively.

With her newly acquired degree, Ms. April Lim has assumed the role of Marketing Executive at the college, assuming responsibility for overseeing all marketing-related affairs.

As the Marketing Executive, Ms. Lim is entrusted with several crucial aspects, including the development and implementation of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns. She oversees public relations, skillfully managing the college’s image and ensuring positive relationships with various stakeholders. In addition, Ms. April Lim plays a role in organising and coordinating impactful events, enabling LCB to showcase its offerings to a broader audience. Her proficiency in advertising allows her to craft compelling messages and deliver them through various channels, maximizing the college’s visibility and reach.

Ms. April Lim aims to navigate the dynamic landscape of educational promotion, maintain a strong presence for the college and effectively communicate its value to students, partners, and the wider community.

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