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Culinary Department

Simon Lynch
Head of Culinary

Chef Simon, originally from Scotland, has made Brunei his home for the past 20 years. A true connoisseur of food, he has dedicated his life to the art of culinary excellence. However, to balance his culinary indulgences, Chef Simon leads an active lifestyle as a passionate triathlete/cyclist and a jungle trekking enthusiast. His love for adventure and physical fitness allows him to find inspiration in the natural beauty of Brunei’s landscapes.

One of Chef Simon’s greatest joys is teaching culinary skills and English to aspiring learners. He finds immense satisfaction in witnessing students hang on every word and diligently follow his instructions. In particular, he admires the respectful and conscientious nature of Bruneian students, which makes his job even more enjoyable. Through his teaching, Chef Simon nurtures the passion and talent of his students, instilling in them a deep understanding of the culinary arts and the English language.

Chef Simon’s dedication to his craft and his genuine love for teaching have earned him a revered status among his students and colleagues. His ability to connect with his students and ignite their enthusiasm creates an engaging and inspiring learning environment. As he continues to share his culinary expertise, Chef Simon is committed to shaping the next generation of talented chefs and language enthusiasts in Brunei.

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