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Culinary Courses

City & Guilds courses offered 

Accredited by the Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BDNAC)

LEVEL 2 Diploma IN FOOD PREPARATION & Culinary arts

(Duration: 1 year)

For candidates who are looking to start or develop their careers in hospitality. They cover both transferable and job role specific skills, set out by employers, ensuring candidates become work ready not only for a specific role but for a career in the hospitality industry. Candidates will be required to display both practical skills and the associated knowledge in order to complete the assessments.


This qualification covers transferable as well as job role specific skills, set out by employers, offering a holistic approach to training learners to be work ready. 


Above 16 years of age


Unit 201   Understand the hospitality industry

Unit 202   Understand business success

Unit 203   Provide guest service

Unit 204   Awareness of sustainability in the hospitality


Unit 205   Professional workplace standards

Unit 206   Understand own role in self development

Unit 207   Food safety

Unit 208   Meet guest requirements through menu


Unit 209   Mise en place

Unit 210   Cooking methods, techniques and

                 commodities: boiling, poaching and


Unit 211   Cooking methods, techniques and

                 commodities: stewing and braising

Unit 212   Cooking methods, techniques and

                 commodities: baking, roasting and grilling

Unit 213   Cooking methods, techniques and

                 commodities: deep and shallow frying

Unit 214   Understand food commodities

(Duration: 1 year)

This diploma covers transferable and role specific skills, ensuring graduates are ready not only for a specific job but for a career in hospitality.  This qualification meets the needs of learners who want to work front of house within a hospitality environment. It is also for those learners that want a rounded knowledge of both front of house and the kitchen, which will enable them to look at more senior positions in the future.


This qualification is aligned to the Global Hospitality Certification, the new global certification for the hospitality industry, developed in partnership with Worldchefs and employers around the world. This unique combination brings this new qualification in line with current industry practices.

Above 16 years of age

Unit 201   Understand the hospitality industry 
Unit 202   Understand business success 
Unit 203   Provide guest service 
Unit 204   Awareness of sustainability in the hospitality

Unit 205   Professional workplace standards 
Unit 206   Understand own role in self development 
Unit 207   Food safety 
Unit 221   Menu knowledge 
Unit 222   Deliver food and beverage service 
Unit 223   Prepare beverages for service 
Unit 224   Product knowledge for

LEVEL 2 Diploma IN
FOOD and beverage service



LEVEL 3 Advanced DIPLOMA IN culinary arts & supervision

(Duration: 1.5 years)

For candidates who have gained experience as a chef and wish to extend their knowledge of the planning and monitoring of operations and staff within the kitchen environment and broaden their overall knowledge of operating successfully within the wider hospitality industry. Candidates will be required to demonstrate their supervisory skills, both knowledge based and practical. 


The qualification make City & Guilds graduates ready for the world of work, wherever they are in the world, taking their first step towards a successful career in hospitality.


17 years old and above in age AND

have completed

Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts


Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts) or equivalent


Unit 301    Developing opportunities for progression in the

                    culinary industry

Unit 302   Supervise and monitor own section

Unit 303   Contribute to business success

Unit 304   Contribute to the guest experience

Unit 305   Sustainability in professional kitchens

Unit 306   Monitoring and supervision of food safety

Unit 307   Produce and present advanced starters using

                    standardised recipes

Unit 308   Produce and present advanced main course dishes

                    using standardised recipes

Unit 309   Produce and present advanced desserts and dough

                    using standardised recipes


Here at The Culinary School, we give you the tools and the training to be safe, consistent and successful culinary entrepreneurs. The ingredients that you bring are your passion for food, your dedication; and your quest to be a top restauranteur in Brunei and beyond.

Simon Lynch, Head of The Culinary School