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at Laksamana

Specialised course for Professional Flight-Attendants and Ground Staffs with International Communication Skills by Kensington College of Business. Specifically designed for Korean students only.

More about KCB Higher Diploma

Airline Hospitality Business


Delivery Centre: Korea (6 months)

Module 1: English for Academic Purposes

Module 2: Communication Skills

Module 3: Presentation Skills

Delivery Centre: Brunei (18 months)

Semester 1 (6 months)

Module 4: Airline Customer Service

Module 5: In-flight Service

Module 6: Ground Service

Module 7: Interview Skills and Personal & Professional Development

Module 8: Introduction to Human Resource Management


Co-curriculum: Swimming

Semester 2 (6 months)

Module 9: Airline Management & Leadership

Module 10: Hospitality & Tourism Management

Module 11: Hospitality & Tourism Marketing

Module 12: Sustainable Development in Hospitality

Module 13: Airport Management

Co-curriculum: Fitness

Semester 3 (6 months)

Module 14: Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management

Module 15: Hospitality Supervision and Training Skills

Module 16: International Destination Management

Module 17: Leadership, Innovation & Technology for Tourism, Hospitality & Events

Module 18: Senior Customer Service (Public Relations Skills)


Total Qualifications 360 credits over 24 months

Entry Procedures
  1. Filling in application & Documents Screening

  2. Interview Screening
  3. The Final Acceptance, Orientation & Pre-English Education
  4. The entrance & Start with the Regular Courses

Brunei: LCB Office

+673 2238816 / 18

Korea: KCB Seoul Centre

Office in Seoul 



Higher Diploma in Airline Hospitality Business (Kensington College of Business, London)